Convert with Lead scoring.

In this post, discover the lead scoring advantages on your marketing communication.

What is Lead scoring ?

It's simple, we talk about Lead scoring when we decide to assign a score to the company's prospects based on certain characteristics. It is a process that will be carried out in an automated way according to a method that you can determine yourself.

There are two known ways to do this :

  • Demographic scoring
  • Behavioral scoring

Each method will focus on specific data.

Demographic will focus on the prospects's industry, the size of their company or their responsibility within their company.

But in this article, we'll take a closer look at the second option.

Behavioral scoring, as the name suggests, will analyze behavioral data such as browsing history, number of visits to the site, pages viewed, etc.

But in concrete terms, what will it be used for ?

Where Lead scoring will be interesting is in your marketing communication. Indeed, it will give you the necessary resources to measure the potential of your prospects and to have a concrete idea of the interest they have in your product and your brand.
In other words, identify quality prospects, those who are most likely to make a purchase.

Thus, by classifying your prospects by categories according to the points they have obtained, you will be able to select the priority categories of customers to contact in order to personalize your marketing communication, particularly in terms of emailing.

As a result, each quality lead can be handled by your marketing teams based on a given score.



What does it look like in practice ?

When visiting your site, each visitor will establish a path composed of actions. For example, you can award points by following each action they take.

  • + 4 points by visiting the home page
  • + 7 points by reading an article from your blog
  • + 20 points by subscribing to an information request
  • Etc..

Attention :  You can of course use Lead scoring models on the Internet as a guide, but it is essential that you adapt them to your own company and sales process. A Lead scoring system must be customized in order to maximize its potential.

What are the advantages of Lead scoring ?

  • Increase your conversion rate :

Many times, a prospect who comes to your site for the first time will not be open to an immediate purchase or to meet one of your sales representative. By assigning a score as you go along, you will be able to observe the growing interest in your leads so as to give your sales people a good reason to make contact and maximize sales.


  • Relevance of your marketing actions :

Finally, by prioritizing your leads, you will add an extra degree of relevance and efficiency to your marketing communication campaign. The method will allow you to focus in an automated way on the qualified and therefore the most interesting leads.


  • Saving your time :

At first, it will take some time to set up the system. However, the method is simple. This time is necessary to lay the right foundations and this should not discourage you in any way. You will need to build your own scoring model, observe the results and understand what works best for your business.

Once this is done, everything will be automated and will make things much easier for you.

In other words, lead scoring will allow you to act more efficiently in less time !


  • To conclude quickly :

According to several studies, the time you have to contact a "hot" prospect is extremely short .. we're talking about a 5-minute window before your conversion rate skyrockets.

With Lead scoring, your sales people can receive an alert as soon as a prospect become mature to be contacted and can therefore act very quickly or trigger a personalized e-mail.


  • Reduce the sales cycle :

Last but not least, lead scoring will shorten the average sales cycle of your company. In fact, it makes sense. By identifying quality prospects and communicating messages adapted to their profile and needs, your conversion capacity will increase while being efficient and fast. All of these advantages combined will considerably shorten your sales cycle.

To conclude, by adopting the Lead scoring approach, you will benefit from a real competitive advantage and you will optimize your marketing automation strategy in the long term.

With Leadup DXP Project, create your scoring models and launch your automated marketing campaigns !