The impact of data architecture on personalization and scripting

Discover the impact of data architecture
on your campaigns.

With data collection, ‘the sooner the better’ is always the best answer.

– Marissa Mayer, Yahoo! CEO

More and more data are accessible, from various sources, and this created a certain requirement for speed of acquisition and exploitation.
Collecting data is the basis. But in compliance with the RGDP, and correctly.
The current objective is to have a well constructed data architecture in order to allow the different poles of a company such as the technical part of your employees or the business and marketing part to use the data that seems relevant to them according to their needs.
To do this, you will need to structure, organize and communicate your data.
This is where the data architecture comes in, which allows, among other things, the various software databases, channels and platforms used by your teams to communicate.

What is data architecture ?

Just as the world needs organizational structures to function, data needs an architecture to make sense.

The world is one big data problem.

– Andrew McAfee, MIT initiative on the digital economy co-founder

Data architecture is the way in which data from various sources is structured. In the case of Leadup DXP, WordPress and Mautic are two of the many sources.

We can therefore define data architecture as all the means put in place to structure, store, distribute and exploit data.

Regarding the structure :

    • Establish criteria for selecting data to be considered
    • Define the data format
    • Check and sort the data by validation in order to keep only quality data

Regarding the storage :

    • Choisir la technologie de stockage selon vos besoins, le volume et le trafic de données.
      Leadup DXP fait recourt à un système de stockage dans le cloud.
    • The data communication is therefore done in the cloud regarding our platform.

Regarding the distribution :

    • Determine the distribution channels
    • Establish the communication format
    • Determine the data to be communicated and its recipients

Regarding the exploitation :

    • Carry out data processing

Data are becoming the new raw material of business.

– Craig Mundie, Senior Advisor Microsoft

What is data normalization ?

Data normalization, also called standardization, will make data accessible.

Thanks to this standardization, the data conversion keys transform the data so that it can be used by other software frameworks, the CMS, the tools used by certain employees, etc.

Data architecture : significant contribution to your strategy

The strategic value you derive from a well-established and designed data architecture is essential to your evolution.

When the infrastructure is defined, the data knows how to behave and your teams know how to take advantage of it thanks to the shared resource that your data becomes. This is an important asset in the face of emerging technologies and enables agility in the face of strategic business changes and opportunities.

Consumer data will be the biggest differentiator in the next two to three years.

Whoever unlocks the reams of data and uses it strategically will win.

– Angela Ahrendts

Beyond the strategic issue : an impact on personalization and scripting

A good data architecture has a significant positive impact on the personalization of the customer experience as well as on the scripting of your marketing campaigns.

  1. The collection of personal information related to your business is done more easily and quickly and the data is no longer segmented by silos in different departments, it promotes a symbiosis and therefore, a personalization and a deep scripting according to each data collected, regardless of its source.
  2. The profiles of your customers are sharpened and allow you to establish a precise score according to each action or behavior throughout their journey, regardless of the channel used.
  3. Logistical information, inventory, accounting, store visits, purchases, sales, etc. are available to all departments and promote optimized work organization and internal and external communication.
  4. The data, being available to everyone and having been converted and structured will not be misused by your marketing team who focus, thanks to a good data architecture, on communicating well and no longer worry about the RGDP. The structure of the information that the data gives allows you to know which information is relevant and legitimate.

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

– Carly Fiorina, Hewlett-Packard ex CEO

These insights allow you to understand, on the basis of concrete data, the strategy to adopt for your personalization and your communication scenarios.

Data architecture : an implementation to adopt, regardless of your activity

Through this article, you have briefly gone through the data architecture.
Too few companies are currently aware of its importance.

Will you be among those who understand it?

Leadup DXP has an established architecture designed by an experienced team.
This architecture allows you to leverage your data through WordPress and Mautic to create your custom automated marketing campaigns.

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We end with this quote supporting this necessity.

Everything is going to be connected to cloud and data… All of this will be mediated by software.

– Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft