your Digital Empire*


An all-in-one solution including hosting,
CMS, e-commerce,
marketing automation campaigns,
centralized database, innovative technologies
and a cockpit with its mobile version.


*The Leadup Project proposal and all the functionalities presented here will be finalized in 2023
No commitment.
No code.
No constraints.




Your platform deployed within one hour.

Get the mandatory marketing levers to
turn your online store into a strong
conversion engine.

Amazon<br> Hosting


WordPress Website

E-commerce complet



Gestion des contacts


Assistant intelligence artificielle sur mobile

AI Assistant

Bring AWS and
WordPress together.
Boost your
digital growth.

Leadup DXP is an SaaS solution combining the best of
WordPress, WooCommerce and Amazon Web Services.


WordPress for intuitive and flexible development
of your website.


WooCommerce as professionnal online store builder.


Amazon Web Services for its security and its world-famous
very high scalability.


Are you ready to push those boundaries ?

     Leadup DXP plateforme
     Leadup DXP activer acquérir monétiser multiplier

Simple. Accessible. Powerful.

Leadup DXP allows marketing teams to create
automated campaigns, lead segments and lead scoring.

Amazon SES is integrated into our platform in order to ensure mailing and the deliverability.

Manage your data in a unique database which will be growing with you.

More leads ? More conversion ?
We reward you and your customers are satisfied.

Are you ready to build a win-win relationship ?

The federating platform
of innovative

As part of GDPR, we are evolving, innovating and improving our platform with new sevices in order to offer the best of technologies.


Our virtual assistant advises you, and real-time follows your commercial, marketing and advertising's actions performances.


The mobile version available cockpit will be your ideal results analyzer.


Are you ready to take control ?

     Leadup DXP plateforme

More leads.
More conversion.
More sales.

Are you ready to devote yourself to the success
of your digital presence ?

No commitment.

AWS monthly subscription that may be cancelled whenever you want.
Full control.

No code.

No heavy code.
A single WordPress experience is enough.

No constraints.

Start from the bottom or import
a WordPress site. Your data will always belong to you.

askAstrology success story

an international project
marketed with Leadup DXP.

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experts community

Our partner agencies bring tailor-made
local expertise and the mandatory
technological power to societies to
increase sales and compete with international groups.

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