How to create a digital experience strategy ?

Follow our 8 tips to create an effective digital experience strategy.
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The digital customer experience is considered as the key of a winning strategy
for the digital transformation of companies.

– Wided Batat, doctor and professor-researcher in experiental and digital marketing.

Companies must numerize the customer experience across all contact points.
Reinvent your global experience strategy and discover notions, nuances and aspects to make it digital in this post.

The difference between user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX)

While many fail to use the term UX to refer to customer experience, it is important to distinguish the difference.
Customer experience (CX) is a concept that applies more broadly. It includes all the steps of the customer or user's navigation from the moment he starts searching an information, compares prices in his quest for a product, tries a product, contacts the after-sales service, ...
User experience (UX) should be considered as a branch of customer experience, on the same level as customer journey, CRM, after-sales service, etc.
Understanding the distinction between these two concepts in order to identify and analyze the components of the customer experience allows companies to make the user experience more powerful and enjoyable in practice.
User experience refers to the user's experience with a specific medium such as a tool, a product or a platform in order to meet a particular need such as the use of a website, a software or an app.
The axes of user experience go from the design of the interface to its ergonomics, to the structure of the information, to the optimization of the navigation, to the understanding of the content, etc.
This UX plays a key role in customer satisfaction through their digital experience.
Companies have an interest in correlating these two notions in order to have a positive impact on the satisfaction of their customers because they do not dissociate them and feel all experiences as a whole.
In his global customer experience, he can have a positive customer experience but a negative user experience. He will come out with his own evaluation of his global digital customer experience, depending on his perception.

The digital customer experience : part of your global customer experience strategy

After integrating the complementary notion of user experience, which is a component of customer experience, let's integrate digital customer experience, which is a component of your global customer experience strategy.
Creating your digital experience strategy is necessary due to the evolution of consumer trends that are demanding both your content and the quality of your services. These consumers want to get information, get in touch at any time, from any medium, device or communication channel.
The creation of a digital experience has been driving, for a few years, more and more companies willing to combine this digital perspective with the customer experience by placing their customers at the center of their digital evolution. The challenge is then to implement actions, to continue its activities while digitizing all services and customer experience such as the customer journey, after-sales service, etc.

Move from a product market to an experience market.

– Bernard Arnault, LVMH CEO.

Numerize this global customer experience strategy

Deliver the experience you strive to convey to your customers by developing digital communication channels, digitizing the in-store customer experience, for example, via digital terminals. Build and set up voice interfaces and chatbots, thanks to which Gartner estimates the rate of exchange between customers and companies to be 85% by 2022.

8 tips to create its own digital experience strategy


1. Don't forget the physical

Just because you decide to go digital doesn't mean that the physical customer experience has to be abandoned. We talk about a conversion from physical to phygital. You incorporate digital by creating a cohesion with the physical experience.

2. Develop and use the right technologies

If you don't have a website, it's time to get started. Make that website mobile friendly, consider developing an app if it lends itself to your business. You can also think about improving the digital experience, for example, by optimizing your target queries to make them compatible with voice queries made by users in your field of activity. 71% of consumers currently prefer to make voice queries instead of typing.
Also think about the digital customer experience in your points of sale if you have any. For example, remember the digital terminals that represent an opportunity to collect feedback, etc.
We'll talk more about advisories and recommendations in Tip #7.

3. Offer a responsive customer service

By offering 24/7 customer service and support, you maximize your chances of converting prospects looking for information and/or answers. Offer simple, intuitive and responsive tools. Chatbots, auto-responders and automated emails will ensure an optimized experience for your visitors.

Le service relation client ne devrait pas être un département à part,

il devrait transpirer à travers toute l’entreprise.

– Tony HSIEH, Zappos co-founder.

4. Avoid any navigation interruption

The user's navigation on your digital platforms must be coherent, pleasant and intuitive. The Blue Sunflower marketing metaphor can then be used to create a memorable, evolving and positive digital experience. This experiential approach will put your customer at the center of your reflection.

5. Diversify the digital experience and use omnichannel management software

Think about all communication media, offer the possibility to use multiple payment methods, consider all browsers and communication channels. Nevertheless, beware of fragmentation of the digital customer experience (DCX).
A DCX will be fragmented and negatively influenced if he has to repeat his request on several channels and to different interlocutors.

6. Use Inbound Marketing

This digital conversion is an excellent opportunity to generate traffic, attract attention, arouse interest, provoke a desire and generate an action (see AIDA model).
So share your relevant content and news with your visitors by suggesting content like guides, tips, posts, etc.

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts.

It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

– Jeff Bezos

This metaphor can be applied to this tip by imagining a friend to whom you offer various activities and topics of conversation relevant to your party which is his experience by attending it.

7. Collect opinions and recommendations

The new client is, according to Wided Batat, the CHEPS which translates the 5 characteristics it demonstrates.
This consumer is Collaborator, give him the opportunity to be co-creator of your project by collecting and listenning to his opinion, his recommendations.
He is Hedonistic, arouse pleasure thanks to this adaptation which you show.
This customer has Emotions that will be manifested in these reviews and recommendations, in addition to providing them, analyze them through digital tools and platforms such as a digital terminal in a physical store that will support your implementation in the phygital world.
He shows a Paradoxical behavior, he wants something and its opposite. You'll see it in these reviews. Link this paradox through digital, for example, by suggesting an intellectual but fun digital experience.
Finally, this customer needs Symbolism, suggest your contents by supporting your values, he must feel this symbolism through his digital experience.
Don't be afraid of negative reviews.

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

– Bill Gates

Listening to dissatisfied customers is key to improving the friction of their experience.

8. Consider a digital experience platform

Find out what a digital experience platform can do for that digital customer experience here.