Article Wordpress
Why WordPress ?

With WordPress, you have almost unlimited options and mobile-ready themes ; create an optimized website in minutes. No limits.

Article stratégie d'expérience digitale
How to create a digital experience strategy ?

Follow our 8 tips to create an effective digital experience strategy.

Article architecture des données
The impact of data architecture on personalization

Discover the impact of data architecture
on your campaigns.

Article données comportementales
Convert with behavioral data

Discover the importance of behavioral data for your marketing strategy.

Article parcours client
5 processes that impact the customer journey

Discover in this article 5 tips to optimize your customer journey.

Article ROI
21 automated scenario ideas to boost your ROI

Discover 21 essential scenarios of marketing automation.

Article Lead scoring
Convert with Lead scoring

In this post, discover the lead scoring advantages on your marketing communication.

Article tendances web design
11 trends in webdesign for e-commerce websites in 2022

Discover a history of webdesign trends for e-commerce websites and those to adopt in 2022 to boost your sales.


A flexible open source commerce solution built on WordPress. This e-commerce platform allows you to build the custom online store you need.

Article Mautic
Discover Mautic

A marketing automation tool that allows you to manage your contacts, create and manage different types of content, create personalized campaigns, analyze trends and evaluate the performance of your marketing strategy.

Article Amazon SES
Discover Amazon SES

With Amazon SES, which stands for Simple Email Service, you can send emails from any mobile apps. Your emails are guaranteed to land in the email inbox and not in spam.

AWS amazon web service
Discover AWS

Leadup DXP is hosted on AWS infrastructure and is marketed through the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon Web Service is THE most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform in the world. AWS offers over 200 services.

Discover our selection of extensions

We have pre-selected a list of WordPress extensions and plugins to allow an optimized management of the whole Leadup DXP platform. We have chosen from over 59,922 free extensions.