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Monetize with
Leadup DXP

Turn your prospects into customers
with your online shop and targeted
conversion campaigns
  • Plugins e-commerce
  • Product catalog
  • Inventory management
  • Real time customer scoring
  • After-sales service management

Industrialize your e-commerce projects.

Use all the features of WooCommerce to create powerfull
online stores. Combined with Mautic's features, our solution offers
a multitude of tools to boost your sales growth.

No additional solution required.

Launch your first store in minutes.

Leadup DXP makes available

WooCommerce solution with :

  • Attractive window display
  • Adapted themes
  • Product catalog
  • Good SEO performance
  • Several payment methods
  • Various shipping options
  • Advanced tax management
  • A notification system
  • Analysis tools ...

& scoring

Evaluate, prioritize and target your communications based on buyer behavior.
Leadup DXP allows you to deliver personalized content to specific audience segments.

e-mails scenarios

With Mautic, create e-mail scenarios and automate contact animation based on their behavior.

Cart reminder

Automatically send a personalized email for each abandoned cart.


Abandoned cart emails sent within 20 minutes
have an average conversion rate of 5,2 %.
(Source : PrestaShop)

No commitment.

AWS monthly subscription that may be cancelled whenever you want.
Full control.

No code.

No heavy code.
A single WordPress experience is enough.

No constraints.

Start from the bottom or import
a WordPress site. Your data will always belong to you.

Your first sales are coming in...
Take control of your growth!