21 automated scenario ideas to boost your ROI

Discover 21 essential scenarios of marketing automation.

Marketing automation is the set of techniques and tools that allows you to develop a strategy to execute, manage and automate your marketing communication tasks.

It allows you to replace your manual, repetitive and limited sales approaches with automated processes that are personalized to each prospect.

What are the benefits of automated marketing?

  • Turning laborious, recurring and manual tasks into automatic tasks saves you time and allows you to be more efficient and productive.
  • You perfectly target your contacts and the communication addressed to them thanks to your sales funnel established through your automated scenarios. You send the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.
  • This sales funnel is done automatically thanks to a Lead Scoring system that assigns a score to your contacts based on their behavior and actions on your channels.
  • The leads are more relevant than ever and your conversion rate is drastically increased.

Some figures...

  • 417%: that's the average increase in revenue for companies that have implemented a marketing automation solution. (The Annuitas Group)
  • 451%: that's the increase in qualified leads for companies that have implemented an automated marketing solution. (The Annuitas Group)
  • 69% of companies cite Automated Marketing as a key tool for customer acquisition. (ACT-ON and Gleanster Research "Rethinking the Role of Marketing")
  • 50% of companies cite Automated Marketing as a key tool for customer retention. (ACT-ON and Gleanster Research "Rethinking the Role of Marketing")
  • 59% of companies with an automated marketing solution are able to do intelligent targeting and send adapted content, compared to only 17% of companies without. (The Lenskold and Pedowitz Groups)
  • 17.4% of marketers worldwide cite Automated Marketing as the most effective digital marketing technique. This technique is now equal in first place to content marketing, which also gets 17.4% of the votes. (Statista Research Department)

Now that you know what Marketing Automation is and its benefits, it is important to establish predefined scenarios in order to automate the sending of emails, the appearance of pop-ups, the sending of SMS, alerts, scheduled messages, etc.

21 automated scenarios ideas

  1. Welcome Pack

    A new client, a new subscriber? Explain your values, your mission. Show them how important they are to your company.

  2. According to the user's behavior/interests

    It's up to your imagination, define when and from which action taken by the customer you want to automate your marketing. It all depends on your business and what data you think is important to collect.
    Did they visited a specific page? Are they interested in a particular item? Did they watch a video? Seize the opportunity to react to it.

  3. Thematic alert or promotional alert

    You have a new post, a new guide, a content on a theme? Suggest this content to people who are interested in this theme.
    You have a promotion on an article? Suggest it to people who have bought or are interested in the product or service concerned.

  4. First order offer

    Offer a discount to your prospects if they place a first order.

  5. Second order offer

    Same pattern, schedule an offer after a certain number of days following the first order.

  6. Product renewal

    If your product or service has a defined lifecycle, automate the relaunch before the end of the cycle so that the renewal seems timely and necessary.

  7. Membership renewal

    As with the 6th point, offer a membership renewal before a subscription expires, ...

  8. Cross selling

    A customer has made a purchase. Take the opportunity to offer them additional items.

  9. Premium selling

    You can also suggest a higher quality item by praising its merits before they make the purchase or suggest them this premium item when they renew their purchase.

  10. Engagement reward

    Your contacts have some engagement with your business via social media, orders, reviews, etc.
    Thank them and offer them something to keep them loyal.

  11. Purchasing thank-you

    This is the basis of courtesy, he buys, you thank him.

  12. Satisfaction survey

    After a purchase, a download, reading a post, etc. Ask for their feedback on your content, their experience.

  13. Content download

    If they download content, you can offer them another service or product that is relevant to the content. It's up to you to determine your strategy.

  14. Event participation

    A participation to an event, a webinar, a conference, a survey,... It's an opportunity to stimulate them, reward them, thank them, ask their opinion.

  15. Enrichment of customer knowledge

    Communicate additional information following a webinar, seminar, conference, guide according to a post, service, etc.

  16. Mentoring

    Encourage your collection by rewarding customers who bring you more by suggesting an offer to both the sponsor and the referral.

  17. Inactive customer stimulation

    Tell them you miss them, remind them of your existence after a period you define.

  18. Right to oblivion/Abandon cart

    Right to oblivion is for everyone, except you. Don't forget to incentivize customers who no longer show any engagement with your content. Set a period of time after which you will engage them again.
    This scenario is in a certain manner similar to abandon cart by a prospect or a customer.

  19. Birthday

    It is an opportunity to build loyalty and to highlight your customer. Suggest an offer during his birthday month.

  20. Newsletter registration

    The newsletter is a powerful tool. Imagine your scenario where you set a free, interesting and disinterested benefit. The content should be relevant and uninterested in the sense that your contact should not explicitly feel the benefit you are getting from this membership. They should feel privileged and should not feel the benefit you are getting.

  21. More information request

    And, finally, if they show an interest and need for additional and/or complementary information. Take the opportunity to target them according to their request.

  22. We end this post by this quote :

It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
not the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

– Charles Darwin

By change, we mean "Automation".